Hawaii Beach Wedding

This package includes 2 meetings with an Event Manager. The 1st meeting will be to provide information and details to the Event Manger and the 2nd meeting will be used so the Event Manager will be able to go over your time line with you. Both meetings can be done over the phone if meeting in person is not possible. The time line will be completed within 4 weeks.

This package is best suited for couples who would like to have their friends and family members to help them on their wedding day, and would just like the extra assurance that the flow of events have been created and approved by a professional who has knows what questions to ask your vendors and how much time to allot for certain activities.

Reasons why the price might INCREASE:

    • Rush (less than 3 weeks)
    • More than 1 location (getting ready, ceremony, reception, picture taking)
    • Bride & Groom not seeing each other before the ceremony

Reasons why the price might DECREASE (cost breakdown shown below):

    • Getting ready
    • Picture taking
    • Ceremony only
    • Reception only

prices start at $1,150