Hawaii Beach Wedding
    1. Why should I hire a professional planner?

Each couple will have their own reason(s):

      • The assurance knowing an experienced & professional planner will be overseeing every little detail and troubleshoot if needed
      • To allow friends and family to relax and enjoy the wedding day
      • To be able to enjoy every moment of your wedding day
      • To enjoy the engagement & planning period
    1. What can I expect?

We meet at our office, located at 99-209 Moanalua Road, Suite 307, Aiea, HI 96701 (Please note that although we are in suite 307, we are located on the ground floor and our office looks out to Wendy’s) for a complimentary initial consultation. If this location is inconvenient, we can arrange a mutually agreeable time for a phone consultation or select an alternate location.During your initial consultation, we will discuss the scope of your event and determine what service(s) your desire. From this information, we can determine which (if any) package would best suit your unique situation or customize one to fit your unique needs.All initial consultations are complimentary and an excellent opportunity for the bride & groom to take advantage of this opportunity. Please bring with you ideas, vendor information, questions, suggestions, pictures, etc. and feel free to ask for vendor recommendations, referrals, ideas, suggestions, etc. We hope that you get as much out of this meeting as possible. As we realize not everyone can afford a wedding planner/coordinator for the planning process, this is one way we hope to help as many couples as possible.

    1. Why Would A Perfect Day Be The right planner for us?

Actually, we aren’t the perfect match for some couples. For this reason, we recommend that couples interview other planners to determine the best match. We also recommend that couples make sure they trust and get along whomever they hire. Couples should feel comfortable contacting their planner with any concerns or questions they might have without hesitation.

    1. How many people from A Perfect Day will be at my wedding?

This will be determined based on your finalized wedding day time line. From the very beginning, A Perfect Day has never worked an event with only 1 person. We have it down to a science and know that if/when troubleshooting is needed, the Event Manager will need to be avaiable to take care of anything at the drop of the hat and not leave any detail or person with the risk that something might be needed or go wrong. If you are able to meet with us for an initial consultation or even just speak with us over the phone, we will be more than happy to discuss our staffing with you further. Your cost to A Perfect Day will never increase if we should want to bring in more staff to do a great job. We will always take the cost out of the company’s pocket to ensure we do the best we possibly can and put our couples at ease to not worry about any additional or surprise costs

    1. How does A Perfect Day charge their clients

The 3 different ways we are aware of are:

      1. A percentage of what you spend on your wedding
      2. An hourly rate
      3. A flat rate

A Perfect Day charges a flat rate for the services we will be providing.  Because we charge a flat rate, we require information to ensure that we provide each couple with an accurate quote to be able to provide the best service possible.  We realize that we are not the company who might charge the least but we do charge what we need to make sure our end product, professionalism, and customer service are never compromised.

    1. How should I prepare for my consultation with A Perfect Day?

There are multiple things each couple can do to prepare for their consultation.  Please select the ways that are possible for you:

      • Bring pictures of things you like and don’t like
      • Think of, write down, and bring with you as many questions as possible
      • Bring any and all information you currently have in regards to any ideas or vendors you might have considered or are still considering
      • Discuss together what you want out of your wedding day and what is important to you (ie: feelings, experiences, setting, etc.)

We know how precious time is to everyone and want each couple to get the most out of their complimentary initial consultation.  Even if you don’t hire A Perfect Day, we hope that no couple will ever feel the consultation was a waste of time…so if we can give recommendations, guidance, or direction, we hope you will make the most of this opportunity.